Sport - "Bon Voyage" // Cassette AWR​-​011

by Sport


Originally co-released on vinyl by the following labels -
Adagio 830 (ger)
Kiss of Death (usa)
Guerilla Asso (fr)
Pike Records (ger)
Housebreaker (can)
La Agonia de Vivir (sp)
We are the Daughters (sp)
Ruin Your Fun (be)
Voice Of The Unheard (fr)
No Routine (fr)
DTTH Recz (chti)
Oceano (it)
Crapoulet (fr)
Eunoia Collective (australia)
Walking is Still Honest (andalusia)
Impure Muzik (fr)
Unlock Yourself (russia)
Inhumano Records (ch / south america)
Good Post Day (uk)
Don't Shoot the Messenger (uk)
Seein’ Red (brasil)
SOAB (fr)
La Tête d'Ampoule (fr)
We are proud to bring you this astounding release on a limited run of cassette tapes from these indie-punk geniuses hailing from Lyon, France!

Ltd 100 copies.
50 clear
50 clear blue


released October 10, 2014


tags: punk Denver